Hurricane Ike


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  Latest News Releases  


    1.) Coast Guard flyover of Bolivar Peninsula  Bolivar Flyover .  It's a 32 minute clip with Kona Kai shown 7 minutes in and also at the end.

    2.) This is a CNN film clip interview of some locals from Port Bolivar that stayed. Port Bolivar Survivors

  Satellite Images
   1.)  NOAA Satellite    Check out damage and debris fields. 
   2.) If you dont have Google Earth, go to and download it free.  Then use the following link to download a transparency layer taken after Hurricane Ike. The results are as flexible as they are amazing.  Ike update to Google Earth

  Pictures Click for an Index to Pictures

   1.) This group of pictures were supplied by Vince Turrentine on 9/15/08 Turrentine's Flyover Kona Kai

   2.) This is a link to pictures that Claude Conger took 9/15/08 of each house on Kona Kai from street and canal plus Seiver's Cove
    and some others at the Yacht Basin and a select few shots at Blue Water and Waterways Claude Conger's PIC's Note!
    You may be asked for a password and if so, it is:  Ike908 
(Case Sensitive)
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To see the numbers of the pictures to match with the index, put the mouse pointer on the picture and pause for a moment.  They are shown highest number first.

  3.)  Claud Conger took Gary Huebel down on his boat 9/20/08 and they are now available.  We are working on adding these pictures on the Index.  Gary Huebel's PIC's , then click on "View Album."

  Newspaper Articles

   1.) Two articles sent in by   Jim & MelissaKuykendall  about Re-Entry to Bolivar and High Island, and the Rollover Pass bridge.
   2.) An update to the above, 9/23/08 Re-Entry Update


More links as they are found or submitted.